What to do in class?

I am writing to you in class because I don’t know what else to do. I think I should take notes but I feel sullen lazy today so here I am! Here is what is flowing through my mind right now…

The other week I was talking to a friend (we’ll call him “Mark”) who works for one of the Apple Stores here in Hawaii, and he was telling me that they are hiring. Well, I love all apple products and I think it would be kind of fun to work there part time since things are calm right now. If anything it’ll give me something to do when I’m not in school or playing music. So,I was going to apply this week because I thought that things were slow, but all of a sudden I started getting suer busy! ManoaDNA has gigs all week and I got some solo gigs for November too. There goes my desire to work for apple this month!!

Well, I’m almost done with school today and we have practice later so I’ll check in another time!

Have a great day!