Japan Arrival

Hey everyone!
Well, we made it to Sapporo finally. I wasn’t sure how yesterday going to turn out because the night before we had to fly I was up throwing up all night. Not sure what I had, but I was pretty pissed that instead of sleeping and getting rest before a long day on two planes I was laying on the bathroom floor…terrible.
So, since my stomach was all sensitive yesterday, I had to eat crackers for the first 12 hours so I wouldn’t puke on the plane. Let me tell you that during our layover, having to hold back on what I ate in JAPAN was the hardest thing ever! I had to grab one small musubi while my brother grabbed a katsu sandwich, chips, cookies, and soda. So depressed at this point!
I started feeling a lot better when we got to Sapporo after our 13 hour adventure, so i was pretty excited to just go crazy with dinner. We went to set “Jingasu Kan”, which is lamb that is special to Sapporo. I was excited until I realized that I s in the land of Sapporo beer and I shouldn’t drink. Not a big deal because I was tired, but then our friend yelled, “90 minutes!”. It was all you can eat and drink for 90 minutes…depressed all over again…
The good thing though was that I held down all my food and got a good 9 hours of sleep. I am ready to take on Sapporo today! We have 2 shows today that should be fun at the Sapporo Factory, then its on to Tokyo tomorrow for the start of JATA this weekend.

If you guys didn’t get your tickets for our Thumbs Up show on Monday, then please hurry because it’s getting packed!

I didn’t take any pictures yet because I was too tired, but I will start posting lots of pictures on my blog and Facebook and Twitter so keep checking!!

Now I’m off to get my favorite ミルクココア here in Sapporo
Hope to see you all soon!!!!

UPDATE: Just got my MILK COCOA!!

Found my favorite thing in the whole world!


  1. Aloha, Alex!
    Welcome back to Japan! How is your condition? Please take care & don’ t catch a cold! Enjoy your stay;D

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

    • Aloha Nao,
      Thank you very much, I feel much better today. We are getting ready for our shows today but we hope to see you soon!