Cool Sapporo!

Aloha & ohayo gozaimasu, my peeps! We are back in Japan! It was really hot & humid when we got off the plane in Narita, but here in Sapporo it’s soooo nice and cool! I’m really excited to see all of our friends and fans here in Sapporo – the boys & I truly appreciate all the love & support that the people of Sapporo have given ManoaDNA during the past couple of years – mahalo! We were also greeted with a big surprise – my cousin Tadao had flown up from Hiroshima to see us! I was so happy to see him because we rarely get to see each other but I only wish that his daughter, Erica, could have joined us. These are really special times, and I want to cherish every moment!

This is going to be a short but intense trip – a week filled with performances, appearances, and eating! Last night, even though we were all exhausted from the trip, we went to go and eat our beloved Ghenghis Khan teppanyaki! It was so good! I even had my first beer in over a week … my favorite, Sapporo Classic nama beeru! Oishiikatta! We still have to go eat our Sapporo miso ramen too … can’t miss that one. And at the JATA trade fair event in Tokyo this weekend, I can’t wait to eat the special sandwiches from the Ghana House booth! We’ve talked about them before in our blogs, but words cannot even begin to describe this culinary bliss! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Aloha, Dad!
    Welcome back to Japan! You seem to be fine, ne?
    I remember I went to JATA last year and ate Ghana sandwich; kebab! Hahaha:D Enjoy your stay and Take care, Dad;)

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

  2. Welcome back~Lloyd san
    I’m looking forward to see you at Tokyo Big Sight and eat your favorite sandwich too;)

    • Hey Misa-chan!
      It was really great to see you at JATA and Thumbs Up! We really miss seeing you here in Hawai’i, but I’m sure we’ll see you again very soon!
      Mahalo, “D”