Aloha Hawai’i, Konnichwa Sapporo!

Well folks, another flight to Japan is upon us, and I am really excited!

With seven days of packed-in fun, this trip should be really exciting. We are heading up to Sapporo right now, and I am definitely dreaming of jingisu kan (lamb yakiniku)! I can’t wait to take that first sip of beer an eat that first piece of grilled delicious!

As I sit here in the terminal, and look at all the Japanese people heading home, I am reminded how important our job is. We represent Hawai’i, and in some small form, we helped get each of these passengers here. That makes me proud and very excited to do it all again!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your week. If you get a chance to come to our shows, say hi!

One Comment

  1. Aloha, Nick!
    Welcome back to Japan!!! You already know, Hokkaido has a looooot of ONO food(≧∀≦)b Enjoy your stay & MEAL♪♪♪ Please don’ t catch a cold !

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪