Sapporo = Delicious!

First night in Sapporo, and I’m already full! We headed over to our favorite Sapporo-style Yakiniku place next to the Sapporo Factory mall. If you don’t know, Sapporo is very famous for their lamb meat called “Jingisu Kan” (like Ghengis Khan). They give you bibs, and all you can drink for 90 minutes, and it is awesome. Here’s Alex and Aureana in anticipation!

Sapporo is also known for having very clean and cold water, which they believe is the key ingredient to Sapporo beer. Like I said, last night was all you can drink, so KANPAI!

All in all, a great night of food and friends. Our family from Hiroshima, our dancer Aureana Tseu and the HTJ crew is with us, so it should be a fun couple of days here in Hokkaido!