Alx Blog: Tried a new beer, what’d I think?

Hey friends and family! I missed you all so much!! I see many of you out and about at gigs or regular life, but for those I haven’t seen in awhile, aloha!!!

Before I get into my new beer tasting, I need to say that I had so much fun in February. Performed solo at the Sapporo Snow Festival (check out my website for pictures), ran the Great Aloha Run again, faster than I’ve ever run it, celebrated Nick’s birthday, fenced with my brother and friends (read nicks blog for pictures), and tried some new beer.

Ok, so, we were on the north shore partying for Nick’s birthday and Nick gained my respect as a survivor man who can chop wood and maintain a large bon fire…


Ok, now on to the beer I tried. There’s a website called TheChive that is very popular with the younger generation that features all different kinds of funny media. They released a beer called the KCCO Black Lager that finally made it’s way to Hawaii. Lulus Waikiki carries it now and we got to perform before their release party on the 21st.

The beer itself was pretty good, not too heavy, had good taste to it, and was pretty smooth. I think people are stoked about it because of the website and I’m not much of a beer connoisseur too so to me it was just a good beer haha. If you have a chance to try it you probably won’t regret it, but it doesn’t have magical powers…like a good whisky does…


Have a good one!