What’s Your Adventure?

Good morning all! Before I get into today’s blog post, I want to take a moment to thank you all for the birthday wishes! Between ManoaDNA’s Facebook page, all the Twitter comments, and personal messages I received, it made my day VERY special!

Now, on to the news! It’s the last day of February, making 2014 the fastest year in history! Let’s see what’s happened since I last checked in…

First, a litte MānoaDNA news from our instagram page! Earlier this week, we participated in the 2014 Honolulu Festival opening press conference. Celebrating the connections we share around the Pacific Rim, the Honolulu Festival is an annual treat for locals and visitors alike. We will be performing at several occasions during the festival, so check their website or our calendar for the latest updates.

In other DNA news, I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret: Alx is an incredible musician. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Oh, of course he would say that. It’s his brother!” No, from a fellow musician’s standpoint, Alx is awesome. Let me explain!

Last week, Mom & Dad were on the mainland celebrating their wedding anniversary and left Alx & I to gig at our normal spots in Waikiki. Besides singing his parts, Alx is also using foot controls to add Dad’s harmony line, recording and playing a strum beat track (what would be Dad’s guitar), and coordinating the entire set and band. As a bystander, it’s an amazing process to see and I have no idea how he can keep track of everything. I just wish I had something to show for it besides this picture from that night at Lulu’s.

From the ‘IOLANI front, the insanity of 2014 continues! Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve continued to paint our building purple and bring the building into the branding of our company. A fresh coat of paint always looks great, but making a statement like we have has really had a huge impact! Here’s to more exciting things happening as 2014 continues!

On the personal level, there has been a lot of adventures in the last three weeks since my last entry. I will highlight a couple, but for a complete recap, visit my Instagram or Twitter feeds.

The biggest event, of course, was spending last weekend on the north shore. I headed out on Thursday, only to be greeted by thunder, lighting, and rain! I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a big disappointment because I was just happy to be away from everything and relax! Luckily, the clouds parted for just long enough, and I was able to capture this night shot from the house.
Laie, O'ahu at Night

The other exciting adventure I had was my first try at the sport of Fencing! If you’re wondering, “what the?!?!,” let me explain. I enjoy adventures. I have jumped out of a plane and flown one as well. I have shot guns, become an archery champion, and invented sand snowmen. I just enjoy adventures! So, two weekends ago, a couple of friends and I took a group fencing lesson and got to sword fight! I’ll admit, I was a little worried it was going to be boring and stuffy, but it was not! If you have ever seen a pirate movie, dreamed of being Enigo Montoya, or played sword-fight as a kid, I highly recommend trying this! From an adult standpoint, it’s a really great workout, but who cares?! YOU’RE FIGHTING WITH REAL SWORDS!! En Garde!

Finally today, besides all the feather-showing, I showed all those examples for a reason! I want you to share your adventures! I’m always looking for ideas, and would love to hear yours as well! Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page and let me know how you have fun!