Back in the Islands ….

Aloha, friends!

It’s been a few days since we got back from SF … thank goodness, no jet lag – yet!  Our last day in SF was quite mellow since Alex was still under the weather, so we went out and got a couple of pizzas from Tony’s, grabbed a couple of beers from the Regency Club upstairs, and just stayed in.  I was kinda bummed that we weren’t able to hook up with our SF ohana that evening … was really looking forward to it, but it was probably better that we didn’t.  Sure wouldn’t want to get any of them sick …

After we got into SF from Napa, we checked into the hotel, got settled, and then Gregg, Nick, and I headed over to Harrington’s Bar & Grill over on Front St. to watch the two NFC playoff games.  I was bummed that the Broncos lost, but happy the Niners won … sure hope they kick Atlanta’s ass this weekend!  We caught an early flight out the next morning and were about 20 minutes out of Hawai’i when we started circling … apparently, there was a huge rainstorm hitting O’ahu right then making it impossible for planes to land.  After flying in circles for almost a half hour, the plane headed for Maui to refuel.  After being on the ground for a couple of hours, we took off and headed back to O’ahu only to encounter some really wicked turbulence along the way.  Man, people were getting so airsick, they were lining up in the aisles trying to get into the restrooms to puke their guts out!  Certainly was an interesting ending to an otherwise awesome trip!  This flight reminded me of our last flight home from SF … except that we were delayed for almost 17 hours on that one!  I think we’re jinxed on the SF route, so maybe the next birthday trip will be to Vegas … hahaha!

So now that we’re home, it’s back to work.  For ManoaDNA, we’re picking up right where we left off … performed yesterday at 2 events and have have 3 more through Sunday.  Also have some very exciting plans coming up at the end of this month which I’ll tell you guys about later … so stay tuned!

Aloha, “D”