Still cold … sort of

Hi peeps,

The mornings have been absolutely gorgeous this week – cold, crisp, and not a cloud in the sky … so clear that the mountain ridges look like sharp razors cutting into the sky.  Mornings are my favorite time of day because my mind is clear & calm, the coffee’s hot, and everything around me is quiet and still.  Then the puppies wake up, all hell breaks loose and the craziness of another busy day starts all over again!

Alex & I were back at Lulu’s last night (Nick’s still on vacation) and who should walk in but Pete Carroll, the coach of the Seattle Seahawks!  I guess he’s here on a well-deserved break after a great season with the Seahawks (I was sad to see them lose to the Falcons) … but hey, great job, coach!  Also dropping by was my pal, Leon, who brought by well-known Japan musician and producer Yohito Teraoka  who’s also vacationing here with his family.  And finally, who should also show up but our good friend, Yutaka, who’s back in Hawai’i for another long visit … great to see you again, my friend!  Tonight we’re back at Kani Ka Pila (no Nick), and then perform tomorrow for a private event at the Halekulani.  Next week we’ll be back at the Hyatt Waikiki’s SWIM on Wednesday, then perform for another private event on Thursday before Alex heads off to the mainland to work on a project.  Nick & I will be joining him the following week so we’ll be off (again) for about a week or so, but will be back in time to perform at the Punahou Carnival on Feb. 1st.  Busy, busy, busy ….

Have a great weekend, my friends … stay safe!

Aloha, “D”