Weird Sunday

Hi everyone!

Grrrr .. I hate this damn laptop!  I just finished 2/3 of this blog when suddenly the damn thing erased everything!  Now I gotta start all over again!  I guess it’s gonna be that kind of day … the skies are dark and overcast, and it looks like it’s going to start pouring any minute.  Carla also woke up with some sort of stomach virus so she’s not off to a good start either!  At least there’s NFL football on TV so it’s not a total loss … maybe I’ll even go join the guys this morning for a couple games of squash …

Good & bad – our UH Warriors won their 3rd football game of the season defeating South Alabama last night.  I know … SA is hardly a Div. I opponent, but hey – a win is a win!  On a sadder note, our Rainbow Wahine were eliminated from the volleyball playoffs last night by losing to Washington in the regional tournament, so their season is over.

We had a great time on Kaua’i last night … we performed at our good friend’s wedding over at the Veteran’s Center and then flew home on the last flight out.  We didn’t get home til almost midnight and the flight was really turbulent … kinda scary when you can’t see anything outside the window and you’re being jolted around.  The wedding reception was fun, though, and the food was awesome!   Kenji’s family runs one of the fishing lodges up in Alaska so the seafood spread was to die for!  Fresh salmon, halibut, black cod, oysters, ikura (salmon roe), sashimi, assorted poke, raw o’io, opihi … you name it, it was there!  Mahalo for inviting us to join your celebration, Kenji & Claire!

And finally … my good friend & Selohssa brother, Joe Acohido, passed away on Thursday after a brief fight with cancer.  He was the best and I will miss him very much.  Our prayers & heartfelt condolences go out to Flo and the rest of the Acohido ohana

Aloha, “D”