ALX Blog – Crazy Weekend!

Happy Monday!

So this weekend was really crazy in so many ways. On friday I played without the D and N at Lulus and tried a lot of different songs. Some went well and some, well, did not…but we kept on going and ended up having a really fun night. I bought this new toy called the VoiceLive Touch by TC Helicon that is a loop pedal and a harmonizer all in one. It;s really cool and you all should see how it works. Maybe I’ll post something about it later…(a hint for tomorrow’s Tunesday post?)

Saturday I spent all day with a good friend who’s son just turned 3 years old. At his birthday party there was a bouncy castle that got a lot of use. Us “big kids” got the most use out of it while the little kids watched and laughed at how giant we looked in this tiny bouncy castle. I was pretty tired for Kani Ka Pila that night but we had a great night nonetheless! This is when the weekend got nuts because after Kani Ka Pila, I decided to go have some fun for my other friends birthday. Famous surf photographer Zak Noyle was celebrating is birthday at The Addiction nightclub, which needless to say, kept me up till the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I was responsible and didn’t go overboard so on Sunday I was just tired but I was able to get everything done that was needed.

Stay tuned for TUNESDAY TUESDAY tomorrow! REMINDER: Tunesday Tuesday is a segment where I post something having to do with our music or music in general. Hopefully it’ll be a video, but we’ll see how it goes. Here’s last week’s TUNESDAY TUESDAY DEBUT!