ALX Blog – Running on Pavement (Literally)

Good morning TeaMDNA!

Last night we were at Lulus and it was fun but I had a tough time. The sound in that room is very hard to take control of and by the end of the night I was in a weird mood. Weird right?? It didn’t help that I still was feeling a little tired and run down from before. Still have to find out why that is…

Last night after Lulus I felt frustrated because I still can’t figure out why I feel tired and unmotivated so I decided to go for a run to sweat out whatever was inside me. I ran till my legs couldn’t carry me anymore (which isn’t very far nowadays) and by the time I got home my legs were all so soar. The good thing was that I felt a lot better.
Maybe it’s exercise I need??

Anyways, tonight is Kani Ka Pila and I plan on kicking ass since last night I feel like I let everyone down. You better come down because it’s gonna be rockin!!!

Upside-down kids are cool!!



  1. Even though you felt like you weren’t giving your all, I still enjoyed it, and it wasn’t obvious to the audience! We all feel that way sometimes. Hang in there!
    Aunty Mari

  2. Tetsuzan Benny Ron

    lol – you have discovered the breathing and blood flow – Please join us at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic 🙂