ALX Blog – Fun at Hyatt!

Hey Everyone,
We had a lot of fun down at the Hyatt Waikiki SWIM Bar last night even though we were down a few guys. Nick is out of town, and Mark was filling in for another band, but we held up pretty good! Ronny Quong came in to play bass with us and he was on fire! Since Nick wasn’t there, Dad and I just sang duets the whole night. It actually went well!

Some good friends from Japan came in and had fun the whole night (drank a lot!) and as always Aunty Pat came down to party and have some pau hana drinks with us. We even decided to do some hula last night which is very rare nowadays!

Today I’m practicing for my gig tomorrow night at Lulus. It’s just me, Mark, and Seann tomorrow and we call ourselves AK and The Lefty’s. I get to do this once a month to give the other guys a break, but it gives me a good opportunity to try out new music and play in a different style. It’s pretty fun so come down from 6-9 tomorrow night at Lulus!

Take care!