Solo at Lulus Tonight

Woah! What?!?! Alx has blogged two days in a row?!?! AMAZING!!

Haha yeah I’m trying to keep up with Dad’s blogging but he’s like a machine!!

I woke up earlier than usual this morning because our yard men came to cut the grass today which makes our house look so nice and clean! Thanks guys! I could’ve gone back to sleep but I started to think about my gig tonight at Lulus. I’m playing by myself tonight – meaning no DNA boys – but I’ll be joined by our drummer Seann Carroll. I’m kind of nervous even though I’ve done it before, but for some reason I feel a little more nervous this time. The good thing is, when I’m nervous I practice more and get better at certain things, which makes me more ready when tonight comes around.
This is the last gig of the year for me and the last gig till the end of January which gives us good time to relax and work on some new stuff. Speaking of new stuff, I’ll be playing a couple of new songs tonight to try them out – a couple of originals and a couple of covers. Maybe that’s why I’m nervous! I won’t have the luxury of drinking my nervousness away tonight because I told myself earlier this week I wouldn’t have a drip of alcohol until new years eve. So tonight is the true test of musicianship!

I hope you all have a great new years and if you can, come down to Lulus tonight and have a great time!