Sun’s back!

Good morning, all!  The sun has finally broken through the heavy clouds, although I’m sure there’s still more rain in the forecast.  I could still hear thunder in the distance early this morning, which probably meant that the leeward or windward side of O’ahu was getting hit.  It’s kind of strange that the thunder and lightning has lasted this long, but I hope it clears up soon because we have to attend a wedding this afternoon.  One of our designers, Wakaha, is getting married and I was honored to be asked to give her away since her parents are in Japan and unable to make it to the wedding.  I won’t be able to stay for the reception, though, since I have to head on over to Kani Ka Pila Grille for ManoaDNA’s regular Saturday performance.

Another fun night at Lulu’s … Seann joined us on percussions with his brand new cajon (Peruvian percussion box) along with his djembe (African drum), and it it was great!  As usual, the place was filled with family, friends and visitors from all over the world, but I was especially happy to see Fukiko-san, who’s here visiting with her daughter and is a huge MDNA fan.  When we performed in Chigasaki last July, Fukiko-san came all the way from Nagano where she lives, just to see our live show … I mean, that’s gotta be at least a 2-hour bullet train ride – and that’s just to Tokyo!  I can’t imagine how many more trains, subways, or taxis she had to take to get to the venue … the expense and time alone blows my mind!  We are truly honored to have such wonderful and dedicated fans like her who always give us such great support and love!  Mahalo!!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Hi Dad,Thank you for making and participation in my wedding.You and Carla made all my dreams come true.I appreciate you taking my father’s place because he couldn’t make it.
    Much Mahalo,Dad! Wakaha Tran(^^)

    • You are so welcome, Wakaha, and a big congratulations to you and Kiet! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to stay and enjoy the reception which I hear turned out great!
      I hope you were able to have someone take video for your parents!
      Aloha, Lloyd