YEEEEHAAAAA!!!  Today is indeed a special day … our little Alex is finally graduating from college!  We’re all preparing to attend the ceremonies at the Stan Sheriff Arena this morning, so we have to leave the house pretty soon.  It’s going to be a long program since there are something like 1,500 graduates getting diplomas … I heard it’s going to be about 4 hours!  It’ll be well worth it, though, to see Alex get his diploma … especially for my mom who’s been waiting all this time to see her last grandchild graduate!  But like a typical working musician, Alex has to split right afterward to do a wedding gig at the Kahala before joining us at Kani Ka Pila for a graduation celebration with ManoaDNA!!  Cheeeehuuuu!!!

It was just like old times last night at Lulu’s … the place was ROCKIN’!  Our friends from Japan – Nancy, her mom and friends – are in town and came down to see us before heading on over to the Big Island.  Nancy and her mom were originally from Brazil (although they are Japanese) and it was the weirdest thing listening to them speaking Portuguese to each other!

Gotta start getting ready to go to U.H. …. have a great day, everyone!

Aloha , “D”