Happy Aloha Friday, everyone … wait – is it already Friday??!!  I just realized I haven’t written a blog since Tuesday … I am so sorry!  My bad .. blame it on jet lag and my laziness.  Anyway, did you guys realize that it’s also Friday the 13th?  Bad luck Friday here in the states so watch out for black cats, ghouls and goblins, and … oh yeah, that’s Halloween … anyway, you get the picture so be alert out there!

Speaking of jet lag, I’m almost back to my regular sleeping schedule (finally!), although brain-wise I’m still a little out of it (so what’s new?!).  I can also tell that my body is still out of sync – yesterday I played in HJCC’s Samurai Classic golf tournament out at the Pearl Country Club with my buddies and was a total wreck.  I couldn’t hit the ball to save my life … everything felt foreign to me – the club, my stance, my swing – it was the strangest feeling!  But thanks to “Mr. Miller Lite”, my muscle memory started coming back and I was finally able to hit the ball towards the hole instead of away from it for the last few holes.

Although it’s great to be back home, we’re already making plans for our return to Japan in July.  I sure hope that the power shortages are not as severe as predicted, otherwise it’s going to be one HOT summer … especially in Tokyo! I was going through some of the photos from our recent trip to Sendai and Miyagi Prefecture, and I realized that pictures and words can’t even come close to describing what we encountered there.  I still have great difficulty expressing my thoughts and feelings when people ask about the situation …

Anyway, that’s about it for now … we’re back at Lulu’s tonight and Kani Ka Pila tomorrow.  See you there!

Much aloha, “D”