Yay, it’s Saturday!

Boy, I’ve got so many things to do today … two meetings and a zillion (yes, a zillion!) errands to run!  Nick and I leave for Japan in a couple of days so I gotta get off my butt and start getting my s–t together.  Should have started doing a lot of this stuff weeks ago!  I just saw some of the new tee shirts that we’ll be bringing up on this trip … pretty cool!  All profits from sales of these tees will be donated to one of the relief funds up there … in addition, we’ll also be bringing special ManoaDNA wristbands to give to people who donate something to the relief fund too. 

Busy day at IOKS (IOLANI on Kona St.) yesterday … mahalo to kumu Ed Collier for coming in to pick up some shirts for their Merrie Monarch appearance,  and also to Kyle and Carole who are in town with friends from the Bay Area … thanks for stopping by everyone!  Oh, and by the way – Carole, I want to see a photo of you in your new outfit!  I’ll also be taking up IOLANI shirts for our friend, former sumo wrestling star and stablemaster Jesse “Takamiyama” Kuhaulua, and also for the governor of Miyagi Prefecture who Nick and I are scheduled to pay a courtesy visit to when we’re up there next week.

Oh, oh .. here come the puppies … damn, they’re ready for their walk!  Ok .. gotta run!  Have a great Saturday, everyone!

Aloha, “D”