And the beat goes on ….

Another nice, quiet Manoa morning … just finished a breakfast of eggs (over easy), toasted bagel, and of course,  a mug of steaming hot Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!  Now that my stomach is full, I can start getting ready for another busy day here in the land of aloha!  The puppies seem particularly happy this morning … must be because I just let them lick stuff off my plate.  I told Carla that we didn’t need a dishwasher .. just let the puppies lick the plates and utensils and voila! – spotless!

Linda went shopping at the Whole Foods store yesterday and brought back some of their freshly-made pizza.  I love the stuff – I love pizza – but theirs seems to have more cheese and toppings on it than some of the other pizza joints.  My favorite is their pepperoni, although it oozes enough oil to lubricate my entire car!  Most of the products sold at Whole Foods is pretty good, although there was an issue a while ago about a lot of their “organic” stuff coming from China.

ManoaDNA is off this weekend – no Lulu’s or Kani Ka Pila – since we’ll be leaving for Japan next week … but we are performing this Sunday afternoon for a Japan fundraiser at the Hawai’i Japanese Cultural Center.  It’s also Easter Sunday … AND my mom’s birthday, so I expect us to be quite busy!

Aloha, “D”