Good morning!

Aloha kakahiaka, peeps!  How is everyone this fine morning?  It’s the usual Thursday here at our home in Manoa … cool & quiet, gentle tradewinds rustling the trees outside , birds singing, coffee brewing, and … the puppies doing the 100 yd. dash around the kitchen!!  Last night I fell asleep in the family room watching TV and when I got up to go to bed, there were our 3 dogs spread out on my side!  Have you ever tried moving dogs who don’t want to be moved when you’re half asleep?!  After an unsuccessful attempt to move Peanut, I just said to hell with it and went back to the family room to crash out.  No sense getting a hernia at 3am!

We had dinner last night at Tokkuritei with our friends Reiko and Hiroko from Studio Rim, and Ichikura-san from HTJ in Tokyo.  We ended up ordering various types of izakaya (like pupus, or appetizer-like dishes) with my favorites being the ahi “chips” and the toro (fatty tuna) sushi.  The ahi “chips” were actually deep fried pieces of nori (seaweed) topped with a mixture of spicy ahi, tobiko, veggies, and sauce, while the toro sushi was prepared nigiri style, with the outside of the toro having been seared on the grill … sooooo onolicious!

We also had a nice day at our IOLANI on Kona St. store with people coming in and out pretty much all day.  I was happy that we got a new shipment of Kaua’i Kookies .. especially the “Banzai” ones because they’re my favorite!  Mahalo, everyone, for coming down and supporting us and we hope to see you again real soon! 

Aloha, “D”