Another one?!!!

Aloha kakahiaka, peeps!  I just heard that there was another big quake in Japan which originated near the same area as the big one in March.  Miraculously, there was no tsunami this time … thank goodness!  I don’t know how long it’ll be before Mother Nature decides to give Japan a rest, but I hope it’s soon because I don’t think those poor people can take much more … 

Our good friends from Yokohama, Eriko and Mayumi, came in to our IOLANI on Kona St. store after flying in early yesterday morning.  They told us that things are ok in Yokohama although there are still some shortages and minimal power outages still occurring.  They bought several dresses which they plan to wear for a hula performance, and of course, they looked fabulous in them!  Mahalo for stopping by, girls!

We’ll be performing tonight on Pakele Live’s “Kokua Japan” fundraiser from 6:00 to 6:30pm.  Also appearing on tonight’s segment will be Nathan Aweau and the group, Kaiaulu.  It’ll be streamed live on the internet so don’t miss it!

And boy, did it pour last night!  It started in the early evening and continued throughout the night and also included an occasional burst of thunder and lightning.  It seems to have stopped this morning although the skies are still overcast and the air is still and a bit chilly.  I’m debating whether I should join the golf group this afternoon since the course might be soaked and I have to be at the Willows by 5:30pm for our performance on Pakele Live.

Aloha, “D”