Vegan(ish) Cleanse Report

That’s what I’ve been calling it, vegan-ish. Vegan would be the lack of any animal product, I am just avoiding land animals. Here’s my report, half-way through my ten-day journey!

I will start by admitting that this has been a lot easier than I thought it might be. The hardest part has been the alcohol-free side of the cleanse, and not the food part. Luckily, I work right next to a Japanese market and a Korean restaurant, so there are a lot of options for vegan and seafood dining!

This week’s theme was really about avoidance. I learned quickly that by going to places that serve delicious cold beer, it would be really hard to focus and avoid it. I dined at one of my favorite restaurants, Tokkuritei, early in the week, and it was really tough to watch mug after mug of cold beer stroll by. Lesson learned, avoid all places that may tempt me. Yesterday, I was offered to go to the “Eat the Street” food truck rally, but decided against it. Thank you Tokkuritei.

On the other side of the coin, I have been actively seeking great food items that are vegan(ish)! I have eaten a lot of seafood, tofu & natto. Mixed in some rice, and voila!

Night #2, dinner: sushi rice, natto, tofu salad and fruit!, corn salad and tempura don!A little late night snack at Tokkuritei!  Man, it's tough watching all these cold glasses of beer go bye. should sponsor me!  Veggie rice, kabocha & tenpura!

It has been a pretty good week, I can tell I am craving some meat and beer already, but hopefully I can remain strong through Tuesday! There’s light at the end, and I can see it!

Happy April Everyone!