My Thoughts & Prayers

When natural disasters strike any region, it’s sad to think about the pain and suffering that each person goes through. When it happens to a place you know and love, it really hits home.

Last night, a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan and caused major damage and loss of life throughout the country. We here in Hawai’i have a deeper connection to Japan than most U.S. states because of our heritage, our culture, and our location. May of us, including ManoaDNA, have family in Japan and are praying for their safety.

ManoaDNA has enjoyed huge support from Japan over the years. We have been blessed with the opportunity to perform in Japan, and have been welcomed with Aloha. It is very sad for me to think that those same people that clapped and cheered for ManoaDNA are now digging through their lives, looking for some hope. Please know that we will help in anyway that we can!

To our Japanese friends and family, as you wake up this morning, please know that we will be here for you. Know that everyone, especially in Hawai’i, is watching the situation carefully and already taking steps to help.

For ManoaDNA, we will be playing tonight for you. Tonight, at 6pm, we will be performing our normal Friday night show at Lulus Waikiki. To do our part, our tip jar will turn into a donation jar, and all money raised will be directly donated to the Red Cross Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund. It’s nothing major, but we are more than happy to help out our friends in Japan.

So people, find a way to help. Come down tonight, have a beer and make a donation. Or, make your donation directly online (CLICK HERE).

Stay tuned to for more information about tonight, or follow us on Twitter & Facebook. We will be updating everyone as the night goes on.