Hey, food junkies! Just got some cake doughnuts and sweet potato mochi from the Big Island.  The cake doughnuts are so HUGE but so ono!  I actually have to eat them by layers, and each layer is like an individual doughnut … kind of like three doughnuts in one!  The sweet potato mochi are rich and chewy … kind of like my favorite taffy candy.  This stuff is definitely going to do major damage to my girlie figure!  Hahaha!  I want to send a big mahalo to the Noyles for bringing us these wonderful treats …

I just saw a very cool video which was sent to me by Ms. Junko Nagai, a teaching assistant at kumu hula Sandii’s hula studio in Japan.  The video consisted of two hulas – each choreographed and performed by Sandii’s Yokohama and Shibuya keiki hula classes to ManoaDNA’s “ALOHA YOU – KIZUNA”.  This song was featured last year on NHK’s Minna No Uta TV show and has since become a favorite of many of Japan’s keiki.  The song speaks about the first Japanese who immigrated to Hawai’i and the hardships they experienced living in a new land. I was told that the keiki hula girls researched the history and meaning of our song, then came up with their own choreography to it.  When I saw the video, I was so overwhelmed that it almost brought me to tears!  IT WAS SOOOOOO AWESOME!!  They took an important part of history between our two cultures and created a way to tell the story via their passion – hula!  Wow …

I want to send my heartfelt aloha & mahalo out to Chie, Hamoa, and the rest of the Yokohama and Shibuya keiki hula group for your wonderful performance!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Hi Dad!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on our keiki girls!
    I will translate your message into Japanese and share it with them.
    I am sure that they must be moved by your big ALOHA!

    me ka ha’aha’a,

    • Mahalo, Rieko-san!
      Yes, please let the keiki know that we were extremely impressed with their hula video, and that we’re anxiously looking forward to meeting all of them very soon.

      Aloha, “D”