Japanese Popin’ Cookin’

As ManoaDNA, I have had the privilege to travel across Japan and experience the many different types of engineering feats the Japanese people have accomplished. I have been up tall buildings, on giant Ferris wheels, and performed in some of the most acoustically sound halls. Still, every so often, I come across something that blows my mind…

Introducing Japanese Popin’ Cookin’!

Thanks to Amy for sending me this!

Japanese Popin’ Cookin’ is a series of jelly candies that imitate other real foods. The kicker is that all the candies start off as powder, and the “chef” adds water and mixes in special custom molds. The result is amazing, and looks like tiny edible foods. The above video is the sushi-ya or sushi restaurant version, where you create maguro (tuna), tamago (egg), and ikura (salmon roe). The ikura is amazing because you actually make the little eggs from powder! They also have a pizza-ya version…

Also thanks to RRcherrypie for posting these videos!

As a huge fan of both sushi and pizza, I really want to try this! I will be on the lookout during our next trip to Japan, but if you guys know of any places that carry this wonderful product, let me know by leaving me a comment below or message me on Twitter!


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  2. The ramen version was on tv on the other day. You can find them at tokyu hands or pretty much at any toy store in Tokyo.

  3. Thanks Nancy! Next time we are in Tokyu Hands I am going to buy them! Looks so fun!