Nick in Photos, Ep. 11: Punahou Carnival

As promised, a few more photos from the Punahou Carnival! All told, my damage from carnival came out to three teri-cheeseburgers, four gyros, fried noodles, three plates of beef & cheese nachos, and about a half-dozen malasadas! I am now fat and happy! Thank you Punahou Carnival, see you next year!
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The first picture is my truck filled to the rim with 50+ boxes. I was in charge of transporting these boxes to carnival so that they could be used as paper towel transports in all the food booths. Looking back, it was a very important job! In that last picture, you can see how happy I am to eat some fresh malasadas! If you haven’t tried one yet, a Punahou Carnival malasada is a delicious donut-like treat that makes anyone happy!