Howzit peeps!  Sorry I missed my blog yesterday … decided to take a “blog holiday”!  That’s ok, though, since nothing much happened except for a couple of meetings and lunch at Iron Chef Morimoto’s new restaurant, Morimoto’s (duh!), located in the new Edition Hotel.  Went there with my good friend, Wayne, and the first thing that I noticed was how bright and airy the restaurant was!  The food was also outstanding – I had the chirashi bowl and my friend had the Iron Chef sliders – both were delicious!  Also met the g.m., Craig, who happens to be a Maui boy …

My cold seems to be almost over except for some slight congestion and a hoarse voice, but  at least I don’t sound like Barry White anymore!  Heard an interesting thing the other day … a good friend of mine told me that whispering is harder on your vocal chords than using your regular voice, especially when hoarse!  She was told this by voice experts so it must be legit … hmmm, who would have thought?  It’s kinda like golf, I guess … a game of opposites!

Aloha, “D”