My SPAM Can Contest Entry

Life has been so busy lately that it’s hard to take a moment and focus on doing something I enjoy. Whether it’s the simple things like relaxing at home or paddleboarding, it feels good to “slack off” for a moment and see where it takes you.

Recently, I decided to enter the SPAM Can Design contest. It gives regular folk like you and me a chance to win some money and be featured on the SPAM Less Sodium cans throughout Hawai’i! How cool would that be?!

As my mind raced through the possibilities, I decided to go minimalist. How cool would it be to see your favorite luncheon meat modernized?! Well, here’s my take on it…


Cool right?! Unfortunately, I cannot submit this entry into the contest because the rules clearly state that I cannot mess with the original design and have the brand trade dress that is always on the can.

So let’s see what I can come up with for the contest and I will keep you posted!


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  2. I was hoping you were going to enter this contest! I thought of you as soon as I heard of it.
    Maybe just add a rainbow and/or a happy face? An Iolani aloha shirt? A Hawaiian Islands map?
    I had a flash of your Evolution CD cover — maybe do the same. Have Hawaiian hieroglyphics of your design as the backround of your can.
    good luck!