Weather still sucks!

Ok – this weather is getting ridiculous … I don’t mind rain, but now it’s super humid and voggy.   And it’s supposed to be like this for the rest of this week!  This stuff’s been hanging around the islands for over a week now and everything in our house is damp from all the rain & humidity.  I sure hope the sunshine and tradewinds return soon or I’m gonna have some serious mildew problems!

We had a great time at the father-son golf tournament yesterday despite the crappy weather, and our two teams – Alex/Dad and Nick/Dad – took 1st and 2nd place!  I didn’t really understand the Peoria scoring system which was used, but we apparently had the right scores on the right holes to win.  Anyway, it was great to see all the fathers and sons playing together, and I want to send a big mahalo out to Mike Kometani for organizing this event for us!

Aloha, “D”