Nick in Photos, Ep. 6: Merry Christmas

This week’s photos include shots from the IOLANI Christmas party, a ManoaDNA wedding, food & drink, Tokkuritei’s last night, and Punahou basketball!

First, we start off the IOLANI Christmas party and a shot of the crew dancing and Alex playing BINGO! It was so funny and awesome to see the IOLANI family having fun again.

The crew of IOLANI dances in the holidays!  Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!Alex is playing intense BINGO!  Geez, relax!

Next, two photos from a wedding we played on Saturday. A beautiful wedding down at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, we played during the cocktail hour underneath an overcast sky.

What a beautiful wedding!  We're honored to play today!Overcast at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Playing for a wedding, let's hope it holds up!

Next up, food & drink! If you follow my twitter feed, I post pictures from various places and let you know what to eat! Also, follow my twitter so you can let me know what you like to eat too!

Am I in Hiroshima?!  ひるごはんはおこのみやきとアクエリアス!!  Thank you @nijiyamarket!@Chicka804Tortilla wrapped Spam roll from Tsukuneya!!  Deliciousness!!Lunch at Kaka'ako Kitchen, featuring the triple decker club sandwich.  おいしいそう!untitled-2.jpg

Next, one of my favorite restaurants, Tokkuritei, is moving to a new location! So I took my camera down to the restaurant and snapped some pictures of their old place!


Finally, I took my camera to my old school, Punahou, and snapped a shot of the head coach during a timeout. A little intensity to finish off this episode of “Nick in Photos.”


That’s all for today! Have a very merry Christmas everyone! I will be posting the first edition of “Saturday Serenata” on Christmas Day, so come back here and look for that. Otherwise, see you next week for more “Nick in Photos!”