Christmas Eve “eve”

It’s Thursday – the day before Christmas eve and two days before the “Big Day”!  I wish Christmas could be a week long celebration instead of just one day and pau!  It seems such a waste to build all the hype and anticipation for just one day …

I still haven’t done any shopping yet … can’t seem to get motivated enough to want to battle the crowds and traffic – ugh!  Gotta do it soon, though, ‘cuz Christmas is right around the corner.  Looks like it’ll be another last minute sprint to the finish line for this kid!

Tomorrow the boys & I are going to watch U.H. play Tulsa in the Aloha Bowl.  It’ll be the first time this season that I’m going to watch U.H. play even though I have season tickets!  What a waste, yeah?  But it’s the same reason why I hate to Christmas shop – I don’t like crowds and traffic.  Of course, give me a few beers, some pupus, and my buddies and I’ll go anywhere!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Merry Christmas Kawakamis. Your friendship is a gift that keeps on giving.