ManoaDNA Weekends: “A Hui Hou!”

Last weekend was the last performing weekend for ManoaDNA & 2010! As everyone here in Hawai’i prepared for Christmas, ManoaDNA winded down its 2010 campaign with a little radio and a private wedding.

Beautiful day in Waikiki!  Late start this morning, but now were at @studiorimhawaii for a little talk on the radio!

Just like last week we headed down to Studio Rim Hawai’i to record our last radio segment for 2010. Recently, we have been appearing regularly on Pele Reiko’s radio shows to help promote Hawai’i, and bring a little live music to each show. If you would like to ask us a questions and have us answer it on air, send a tweet over to their Twitter! We have been answering fan questions each week and look forward to hearing from you.

Good morning Sunday!  The rain is back in Manoa Valley, and I'm headed to work!  Come down and visit me today!

Saturday night we partied with one of our friends who got married at the Royal Hawaiian hotel. The night was gloomy, and we thought it was going to rain on their wedding ceremony. Luckily, the rain held up and they were able to hold their wedding outside in nice cool weather. The rain didn’t hold up for long though, Sunday we had rain. Lots and lots of rain. So much so that part of the office flooded!

Am I in Hiroshima?!  ひるごはんはおこのみやきとアクエリアス!!  Thank you @nijiyamarket!

Sunday was a relaxing day overall. I headed to the store to open for one last Sunday in December, and I was happy that some people came in to visit me while I was open. It was pouring rain the whole day, but I managed to sneak out for a little while and pickup a Japanese lunch from Nijiya market! Who knew? Aquarius in Hawai’i?!?! A dream come true!

That’s all for ManoaDNA’s weekend, Merry Christmas everyone! Look for “Nick in Photos” coming Thursday! Photos from Tokkuritei’s move, Punahou Girl’s Basketball, and more! Stay tuned.