Early morning start (again!)

I got up at 4:45am this morning (yawn!) because I have another early morning meeting … but at least I don’t have to sing!  I’m still feeling the effects from last week’s brutal schedule and am trying to get back my mind & body back in sync.  And although the weather is nice and cool again, there are no tradewinds and the humidity is very high.  We’re also supposed to be getting more rain this weekend so it may be time to get out the umbrellas again!

I met the boys at Tsukuneya on my way home yesterday afternoon and had a nice cold Echigo beer.  I love their pupus – avocado shrimp salad wrap, tebasaki, tofu, assorted tsukune – it’s all very good.  The place was empty when we first got there around 6pm but quickly filled up by the time I left about an hour later.  I think there are still a lot of Japanese visitors in town because of yesterday’s Honolulu Marathon.

And oh, yeah … check this out! When we were waiting to tee off at the 1st tee at Coral Creek on Sunday, I spotted this HUGE caterpillar!  This sucker was about 4 inches long and as thick as my baby finger!  I’d sure love to see the size of the butterfly or moth that this guy turns into!

I have to start getting ready for my day so … have a great Tuesday everybody!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. I like the snow fall on your blog. Cool trick!