Fun night @ Tiki’s

Alooooohaaaa!  Good morning, all … it’s Tuesday and it’s still dark outside even though it’s already 6:30am.  I made a pot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and am trying to figure out some new arrangements for MDNA’s music for this Thursday’s Gordon Biersch gig.  I like GBs because it’s the only place in town where we can bring our full band and cut loose.  Should be a lot of fun since we’re also debuting our Christmas music …

It was another fun night at Tiki’s last night as Alex performed solo with our buddy, Jack Ofoia backing him up on guitar (sorry for the poor quality photo!). It’s great to see AK stepping it up and he’s getting better and more comfortable with each gig.  Doing a solo live is a whole lot different than playing with a group because you don’t have other musicians to fall back on.  You’re forced to be more creative and dynamic both vocally and instrumentally or you run the risk of losing your audience.  I can already see Alex starting to develop his own unique style and it’s a pretty exciting thing to watch.

Had a little mix-up in communication last night – I thought I was bringing home dinner and got some Side Street pork chops and fried rice, while Carla thought she was getting dinner and ordered Thai food.  What the … ?!!  We ended up with enough food to feed a small army!  Anybody interested in some panang curry and local pork chops???  Hmmm … come to think of it, this could be an interesting breakfast!

Aloha, “D”