December is just around the corner!

Aloha, peeps … it’s Monday, and the start of another beautiful week here in our islands!  The Christmas season has now officially started and we’re all getting ready for the holidays.  We have a lot to do … decorate the IOLANI on Kona St. store, get a Christmas tree for our home, and add Christmas carols to ManoaDNA’s song list.  It’s also a time to help others … MDNA’s holding a toy drive on Dec. 11th at Kani Ka Pila for Toys for Tots and Lokahi, while IOLANI will be doing it’s part to contribute to the holiday giving.  We invite you all to participate and help to make the holidays special for everyone!

The MDNA golf group played out at Kapolei yesterday – I wasn’t able to join them since I was golfing with my Selohssa golf group out at Hawai’i Prince in Ewa.  I shot a score of 81 at the Prince course which was pretty decent, but I didn’t even come close to the winning score.  One of our guys with an 18 handicap shot a 79 for a net score of 61!!  Hmmm .. does the term “sandbagger” come to mind??  I did end up going over to Kapolei afterward to join the MDNA boys for beers and pupus.  The food at the restaurant was actually pretty good – we ordered the garlic fries, nachos, quesadillas, and garlic shrimp.

Aloha, “D”