Thanksgiving eve

Thanksgiving is almost here and family & friends will gather together tomorrow to spend the day watching football and stuffing their faces.  Thanksgiving Day is also a time for me to reflect on and appreciate many of life’s simple blessings that I often taken for granted such as good health, a wonderful family, and great friends.

It’s only 7am but already the start of a busy day here in Manoa Valley … the puppies have been walked and fed and Carla & Linda are now in full preparation mode for tomorrow evening’s festivities.  It’ll be pretty insane around our house for the next 48 hours as the girls prepare for the large gathering of friends and family, so I plan to be as invisible as possible.

I’ve also noticed that the holiday traffic jams have started … where did all these cars come from?!  I mean, there’s gridlock everywhere … almost as if a giant swarm of “holiday” drivers suddenly popped up out of nowhere!  And not only are there more cars, but some of the drivers definitely need to have their eyes, ears, and I.Q.s checked!

Aloha, “D”