MDNA Blog – Tikis and Thanksgiving!

Last night I played at tikis in Waikiki as the band ‘AK and the Sunshine’. It was only the second time I’ve played without the other DNA guys but it was fun! Last night our normal bass player mark was the “sunshine” and next week Monday my friend Jack will be back with me jamming. Its a cool place to be on a Monday night so if you’re free next Monday then please come down! Thanks to everyone who came down – My dad and bro, the Tihati girls, my Japanese ladies, Deanna and her friends, and everyone else who happened to be there that night, it was really awesome.

This is a great week because its thanksgiving – my favorite holiday!! I don’t know why I love it so much, it must be the holiday season feel I get. One thing I don’t like is how stores skip thanksgiving and already sell christmas stuff…what is up with that?? I mean, c’mon, celebrate thanksgiving people!!

Sorry I don’t have pictures from last night but maybe Dad or Nick will post some. Thanks for looking!!


  1. The live performance was wonderful of Tikis. 。。
    My friend was drunk. 。。
    I’m sorry for making you laugh. 。。

    We spent a very wonderful night. 。。
    Thank you. 。。。