It’s cold!

‘Morning, all!  Boy, it’s cold this morning and I actually had to put on a sweatshirt!  And the thunderstorms that the weatherman had been predicting finally hit Manoa last night … lots of rain, lightning, and very LOUD thunder!  There was one really loud thunderclap which must have been directly overhead because it scared the s–t out of me!  It was so loud that it shook the whole house and woke everyone up except the puppies!   Lazy bums …

Carla has been under the weather lately so we’ve been taking it slow … she seems to be feeling better this morning, though.  We thought about sneaking away to see the U.H. Wahine volleyball team play for the WAC Championship in Las Vegas next week, but probably won’t since the final match is on Wednesday evening and Thanksgiving is on Thursday.  Speaking of U.H., it was announced yesterday that the Warrior football team was invited to join the Mountain West Conference!  Yesss!!  All of our former WAC rivals are in that conference so it’ll be nice to get back to the days of good sportsmanship – lots of screaming, obscene gestures, and fights!  Go Warriors!!!

Shot a decent round of golf yesterday – a 78 – and won the jackpot again.  It didn’t seem quite the same though, since our “spiritual” leader Gary could not be with us.  He was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago and is now receiving treatment … hang in there, brah, we’ll save your spot in the first foursome!

Aloha, “D”