Another ManoaDNA Weekend, Episode 263!

Don’t worry if you missed the first 262 episodes, I’ll catch you up…
First there was a lot of stuff, then we played music. The end. Now that you’re caught up, we can move on! Haha!

I haven’t written in a week because we really haven’t done anything exciting. And even when we do something fun, Alex and Dad always beat me to the blog and take away my ideas! The one advantage I do have over them, pictures!

Sunset at the Aloha Tower Marketplace

I took this picture on Friday at the Volleyball Club fundraiser down at Aloha Tower. The coolest thing about this picture is that I took it with my iPhone! Amazing! Once I got back to my computer and downloaded it, I couldn’t believe how well it captured all the colors that I saw. Well done Apple.


If you read my brother’s blog, you can hear about our adventures on the softball field. I rented a zoom lens for the day and busted it out for portions of the game where I wasn’t playing. Above is a picture of one of our friends racing home on a homerun! The face is classic!

On a side note, have you ever eaten Cratz from Japan?! Amazing! おいしい!!

Cratz from Japan!

Have a good week everyone! Stay safe and have fun!


  1. Hi,Nick!

    What a beautiful pic. I love it.
    Thank you for sharing(^^)v
    I miss Hawaii so much…