Damn … I think I re-injured my right wrist again!  Went to play some squash late yesterday afternoon and felt it tweak during a backhand shot, and this morning it’s stiff and sore … #$%@%!!!  Many of you have recommended that I get a cortisone shot which I refuse for two good reasons – I don’t want steroids in my body, and I HATE NEEDLES!!

I have a pretty busy day again … couple of meetings in the morning and then our annual Fall Club Day “horserace” later this afternoon.  And what’s a “horserace”, you ask?  Well, it’s a tournament where two-man teams compete in a single-elimination, low-net golf match.  It’s a lot of fun and usually a winner is determined by the 10th or 11th hole.  The best part about this whole experience is the beer cart that follows the golfers around, so even if your team is eliminated you still end up having a great time!  Yeehaah!  Everyone bets on their favorite team(s) and then we all gather at the “19th hole” afterward to boast about how great or sh–ty our games were!

And wouldn’t you know it .. it’s raining in Manoa again! The trade winds are not quite back so everything’s very quiet and still except for the sound of the rain.  The puppies are bugging us to take them for a walk .. again!  Take care …

Aloha, “D”