MDNA Blog – Raining/MDA Fundraser

Well…its still raining nonstop in Hawaii. People here say that when it rains its a blessing…we’ve been blessed so much these past few days. It’s a good thing I love rain in Manoa or else I’d probably go nuts!!

Today was a lazy day although I did write some music. Some songs are coming along and I just have to find the time to record a rough version. Hopefully I can finish them soon and out them out on CD.

We played done at Honolulu Hale tonight for the Muscular Dystrophy Fundraiser. It was raining but people still showed up to hear good music, buy nice shirts, and eat good food. The lineup of musicians was pretty solid! Aside from ManoaDNA, they had Eric Lee, Melveen Leed, Maunalua, and BET. Great fundraiser guys!! I hope they have us again if they have it next year.

We had an after gig dinner at Paesano and I drank a glass of wine with my dad…simply delicious!

Since tomorrow we are celebrating my Mom’s birthday at Kani Ka Pila, my brother and I are baking some cupcakes for the celebration. If you’re in Hawaii, come on down tomorrow night to celebrate!!