Back to Tokyo – Great Day in Sapporo

Well, it was a great day in Sapporo yesterday and we had many great shows! It started with sound check, then radio broadcast, then two shows, and finally the reception dinner. I tried to get pictures from everything but I might have failed…oh well, I’ll try paint a picture of our day yesterday-

We ate lunch at this katsu place in the Sapporo Factory and I had katsudon AND my first beer! I didn’t drink anything the day before because I was still sick so this was so delicious! Yes I know the beer is small but it was at 11 in the morning and we had a long day ahead of us.

Katsu Don

My first beer on this tour...OISHII!

Then we had our shows which was pretty awesome! I didn’t get any pictures of our shows but I think my brother did so go check his blog. After our shows we had a small snack at this place that sells pizza cones…yea it sounds weird but it’s so good! We then proceeded to drink a lot more beer right outside of where the stage was. This beer in the picture next to my gourmet pizza cone was bought for us by a great fan! She knows the way to our hearts. This was only the start to our crazy night. cone

We then went to the FM Northwave reception dinner and got a great greeting from everyone! We sat down and had lots of beer and food while prizes were given away to many of the people in the room. They were also celebrating Sarah’s last radio show with Pele Reiko…so sad! Let me see if I get this right…卒業おつかれさま! Is that correct? It means shes “graduating”, or “moving on” – I don’t know. Anyways, after some hula and a short jam session, we thought the party was over, but no…one last surprise for ManoaDNA. Everyone in the ballroom took out pieces of paper and our song ‘Aloha You – Kizuna’ started playing and everyone stood up and started singing! So awesome!! I hope some people see themselves in the picture below. I have a video of it to so I might try upload it soon.

They're all singing our song!

Sorry, after this, I didn’t take any pictures but that’s because I was super duper shmuper tired! We went to the after party and drank some more beer while getting a small japanese lesson from some new friends we made at our table. Then, after consuming more beer and eating edamame soy beans, we proceed to go to eat miso ramen. I was so angry that I was so tired and not hungry! Since I s sick the day before, I wasn’t too hungry last night so I had to watch as everyone around me ate awesome miso ramen from Sapporo! I had a bite, but thats it…
After that we finally came back to our hotel and passed out.

As for today, we are heading to Tokyo to start the great JATA weekend! I love this weekend it’s going to be so fun! I’ll post more photos and blogs later. I’m excited to see all our friends in Tokyo too!

Peace out friends,