Wednesday, Sept. 8th

Good morning, peeps … just got back from another walk with the puppies, and I’m feeling a little tired and have a headache.  I think my body’s falling apart – tennis elbow in my left arm, tendinitis in my right wrist, headache, fatigue … it’s amazing that I can still walk!:-)  Our friend Linda is back visiting us again, so the puppies are VERY happy since they won’t have to put up with grumpy old me anymore!

Yesterday I went to Verbano’s Italian Restaurant in Kaimuki and was amazed at how empty it was.  We were there till after 7pm and only two tables had guests … I saw the same thing last week at Paesano’s in Manoa Marketplace – except there were NO guests and it was already 6:30pm!  I don’t know whether it’s the slow economy that’s causing this but it’s pretty scary …

On a brighter note, our IOLANI store seems to be moving along nicely … we’re getting more and more new guests every day and they love seeing the entire IOLANI line in one place.  They really like the ambience and learning about the history of our family company and say it’s something very, very special!

Aloha, “D”