Found my camera!

Whew!  I found my new Fuji camera .. thought I’d lost it!  Now I can take some really nice pics for my blog (it’s the equipment, right?)!  Anyway, we had a busy day at our IOLANI on Kona St. store yesterday helping guests and also doing an in-flight video shoot.  I always enjoy it when my mom is interviewed on video because she always comes up with a small piece of IOLANI history that I’d never heard before.  Yesterday she mentioned that when IOLANI first began, it was located on the 1st floor of a small, two-story building and that whenever it rained she had to run up to the 2nd floor to plug all the leaks in the roof!  Ahh … maybe that’s why I remember mud floors when I was a really little!

I had dinner with J-Wave DJ Ayako Miyamoto and her husband last night – Ayako interviewed ManoaDNA on her show in Tokyo during our July tour.  She actually went to high school in Canada before returning to Japan so her English is quite good!  They wanted to try some good local food, so I took them to the original Side Street Inn and ordered my favorite fried rice, pork chops, spicy chicken, and steamed snapper.  They really enjoyed the food and ambience of this local eatery, and will surely return on their next trip!

Aloha, “D”