Friday the 13th!

It’s only 9am and things are already falling apart.  I went to a 7am meeting only to have it canceled, and Carla’s all upset because she thinks that a good friend is pissed at her!  Boy, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the day turns out!   Hmmmm … maybe I’ll just stay home and hide under my bed!  Hahaha!

While we were on the 8th hole at Waialae yesterday, I spotted the pirate ship from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” on the horizon!  The photo which I took with my iPhone isn’t very good, but if you look real closely you can see the ship in the distance … very cool!  Other than that, I didn’t play very well … shot an 86 with 2 birdies.  My wrist and elbow started bothering me on the back nine which really affected my swing.  I started slicing my drives off the tee and got into a lot of

Can you see the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ship on the horizon?

trouble, but our team was able to hang on and still win.  I’m playing tomorrow with some guests, so I hope my wrist and elbow hold up!

We’re back at Lulu’s tonight after a long absence … we’ve been gone for over a month because we were on the road.  It’ll be nice to get back to our regular schedule for a while, although we head back to Japan in September.  Come on down and party with us!

Aloha, “D”

My team partner, Sam, after making birdie on #8!