DNA Golf

‘Morning, peeps!  It’s been such a BUSY weekend for me … I even missed posting yesterday’s blog!  Gomennasai!!  Anyway, I had a very early start yesterday morning because I had to drop Nick off at the airport at 6am – he was flying to mainland for a little R&R.  Then I took some friends from Japan out to Ko Olina for a friendly Japan vs. Hawai’i golf match … and yes, Hawai’i (Alex & I) won 6 and 5 in match play!  We had so much fun!  It’s now almost 6:30am and I have to leave for the Hawai’i Prince golf course to play with the ManoaDNA golf club boys.  I’ll fill you guys in with pics and stories tonight, so stay tuned for Part 2!  Mata, ne ….

Aloha, “D”


  1. Aloha!

    Live in LULU ‘S on Friday was very wonderful.

    We were very glad to talk by meeting Dad’s.

    We are looking forward to live in next month’s THUMBSUP.

    We pray for the activity of MANOADNA in Japan☆

    mariko & moe

    • Mahalo, Mariko-san!
      It was so nice to meet you too last Friday at Lulu’s! I’m so happy you decided to join us that evening and
      I hope you enjoyed our performance! Please take care and we’ll look forward to seeing you guys at THUMBS UP
      on Sept. 27th!
      Aloha, “D”