Masters – 3rd Round

Good morning!  Today is the third round of the Masters, what many consider professional golf’s greatest tournament.  And it looks like Tiger Woods is in the hunt at 6 under, about 3 strokes behind the leader.  I know, I know .. a lot of you non-golfers are thinking “what’s the big deal??” … well, to us hackers this is like the Super Bowl of golf!  It is THE golf tournament to watch!  I know I’ll  be spending most of this weekend glued to the TV watching my favorite players ….

Lulu’s was a little strange last night … the sound system was acting a little weird and I felt like we had to work really hard!  Thank goodness our family and friends were there to support us through it!  At least we ended the evening on a good note – stopped off at Zippy’s to pick up a couple of their awesome chili mocos!  If you haven’t had one, it’s like the popular loco moco dish with two eggs on a hamburger patty over a bed of rice, except that instead of gravy, they use their famous chili.  It’s definitely not one of the healthier dishes, but it’s “comfort food” and it sure is DEEEEELICIOUS!!

Goooooo Tiger!!

Aloha, “D”