Need Another Reason?

If you need another reason to come down to Kani Ka Pila, then you are just too picky about your Saturday evening entertainment. But, let’s say, for now, I will amuse you.

This Saturday, the 20th of February, I am inviting all of you down to Kani Ka Pila Bar & Grille at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach in Waikiki to join Manoa DNA from 6-9p. I do feel a little awkward about especially inviting you to this one, since I should be promoting it on a weekly basis, but oh well.

We will be having a lot of fun this weekend, and it just so happens that I turn 27 that day, so la-di-da. Get it? Got it? See you there.


  1. Otanjobi omedeto gozaimasu Nick-san, Kuniko & Leland yori. Take care, enjoy & be safe for more years to come!!

  2. Happy birthday Nick!!
    And many happy returns!!

    I hope the following year will be another wonderful one!!
    Have a GREAT birthday:-)

    Best wishes, Mari

  3. Hi, Nick! Hau’oli La Hanau!;D