Radio-i Nagoya

First of all, thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes this last weekend! I feel older now…is that weird??

Anyways, we’ve been real busy with a lot of things, but what I’m really excited about is our new radio show!! It is our first time and it is really a challenge, but so far I think we are planning pretty good. We do our first show on January 17th, and it is broadcast on Radio-i 79.5 in Nagoya. Please listen!!! It’s called “Manoa DNA’s Discover Aloha!” and we broadcast from Hawaii every Sunday from 11am – 1pm. It should be pretty fun!

Other than that, we are still working on our 3rd CD. We took a little break, but now that the holidays are over, we are going to get started again and get it done! I’m so excited to see how all of these songs come out!
A hui hou!