Hi everyone!
Thanks for watching our live performance online!
I’m at Lulus now and it’s a great night so far.
Thanks or visiting!


3 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!!

  1. Mari 13 years ago

    Hi Alex!!

    Thank you in compliance with my request!!

    I was soooo HAPPY!!!!

    Mahalo, Mari

    1. alex 13 years ago

      Hi Nao and Mari!
      Thanks for tuning in to MDNA LIVE! We had fun! Hopefully you can tune in next time!

  2. Nao Matsuura 13 years ago

    Aloha, Alex!
    Yeah, we enjoyed:D This time, picture & sound were good(^^)b I’m sorry that we can’t see Kani Ka Pila live but I’m looking forward to next Lulu’s♫♪

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

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